BIG WIN FOR NATURAL IMMUNITY: Study Finds Omicron Might Protect Against Delta

The elites have completely disregarded the idea of natural immunity.

Despite the science clearly showing that Natural Immunity offers more protection than vaccination they have pressed on only pushing the COVID vaccine.

A new study found that Omicron might help people fend off getting the Delta COVID variant.

From Natural News:

New research suggests that getting infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) omicron variant may help people ward off the more dangerous delta. These findings could have significant implications for countries that are seeing a rise in omicron infections while still battling the delta variant.

Researchers took blood samples of individuals infected with the fast-spreading variant and measured their antibody levels to see how well the virus-fighting proteins react to both.

Lab tests conducted two weeks after the patients joined the study showed that antibody levels spiked 14-fold in response to the omicron variant and a 4.4-fold increase against delta. Studies that delved into the topic showed that the antibodies that are made in response to delta have reacted poorly to omicron.

Professor Alex Sigal, lead researcher and virologist at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa said that the findings suggested omicron could move the pandemic in the endemic phase. “The increase in neutralizing immunity against Omicron was expected, that is the virus these individuals were infected with,” he said. “However, we also saw that the same people – especially those who were vaccinated – developed enhanced immunity to the delta variant.”

The second important finding from this study is that Omicron could end up being what pushes COVID into its endemic stage.

The only question left is–will the elites allow this pandemic to go away or will the mass hysteria continue?

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