Whistleblower Exposes How The NFL Is Discriminating Against The Unvaccinated

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The war against the unvaccinated continues.

A whistleblower in the NFL talked to PJ media and exposed the war on the unvaccinated.

The whistleblower is an NFL player.

From PJ Media:

An NFL player who contacted PJ Media under the condition of anonymity tells a harrowing story about what is going on inside the league for unvaccinated players.

The purpose of my email is to share about the NFL vaccine mandate. I recently read an article by one of your writers that lamented the mandates in a certain Arizona county school and the consequences associated with a teacher declining to be vaccinated for religious reasons. He went on to describe how the NFL has fallen victim to this way of thinking by not allowing a certain individual to sing the national anthem on opening night because of her vaccination status. In the article, however, he stated that players did not have to get vaccinated and this was unfair and hypocritical by the NFL to not allow the individual to sing the national anthem because of her vaccination status. I want to shed some light on this as the NFL has done its best to screw over its players as much as possible as many private businesses/hospitals are doing across the country.

The whistleblower went on to describe the immense pressure the NFL is putting on its unvaccinated players and hopefuls who don’t get any press coverage and are just trying to make it into the league.

By the letter of the law, there is no vaccine mandate in the NFL amongst players (there is amongst coaches and support staff as a coach was fired for not being vaccinated earlier this year), and some players remain unvaccinated. However, for all intents and purposes, there is a vaccine mandate for NFL players.

60% (I believe this number is accurate but not 100% certain) of the league consists of minimum contract guys with little or no guaranteed money. Many of these guys can be cut at any point and are not entitled to any of the remaining compensation in their contracts.

Attached is a memo from one of the teams to their players about the consequences of being unvaccinated and how that will affect them for the season.

Here is the NLF that was provided to PJ media from the NFK Whistleblower:


Click here to read the full article from PJ Media.

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