San Francisco Chronicle: Some Bay Area anti-Trump protestors paid to protest

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, some Bay-Area protestors are being paid to protest by their employers.

It’s a common accusation lobbed at liberal protesters gathered at town hall meetings, statehouses and in the streets: They’re being paid to protest.

Thanks to a rising trend among tech companies and some Bay Area firms, some, in fact, may be.

Since the beginning of the year, an increasing number of companies have unveiled policies that allow employees to take paid time off work for political or civic activities, such as protesting, canvassing, voting, volunteering or even running for office.

Big corporations like Comcast and outdoor-apparel maker Patagonia have been offering social-justice benefits to their employees for years. But several executives said the election of President Trump, and the backlash that followed, turned them on to the idea of giving their employees time off to express themselves politically.

We were told Voter Fraud was a myth. Well, that has been proven to be true.

Washington Post:”No voter fraud in New Hampshire” Meanwhile 458 people are being investigated for it

Major voter fraud found in North Carolina during the 2016 election

We were told paid protestors were a myth. Seems that it is worse than we thought.

Once again this proves the disconnect between liberalism worldwide. Liberals look at this and say “Our employers care about us”. The reality of the situation is that they don’t care about you at all. They are simply using you to further their political agenda. These corporate CEO’s hate Donald Trump. He knows the ins and outs of their world and is a huge threat to them. So why not pay your employees to protest that man. It furthers your cause and you can hide behind the all loving veil of “social justice”.

If a Democratic President was in office you would hear nothing about this. The reason is because no such program would exist. These corporate CEO’s are using these “paid protestors” for their political gain not to advance your “Social Justice” agenda.


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