SAD: Eiffel Tower to be surrounded by a bulletproof glass wall

According to The Sunday Times The Eiffel Tower will be surrounded by a bullet proof glass wall.

Visitors will step within a bulletproof glass wall around the tower’s four pillars, watched by surveillance cameras. The area is currently protected by metal barriers after terrorist attacks in the French capital.

Now, this wall will not come without a price.

The Paris authorities are switching 80% of ticket sales to the internet and raising the price of on-the-spot tickets from about £15 to £22.

Work on the £260m new look, which will take place over the next 15 years, will start in September. Officials promise the result will be in harmony with the tower, its park and the River Seine.

This is a sad day for not just France but for everyone worldwide. No longer will you be able to visit the Eiffel Tower without the sad reminder of the scars caused by Islamic Terror.


Eiffel tower

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