Roger Stone Says He Wants Gen Flynn To Run For President If Trump Doesn’t

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An interesting interview. 

Roger Stone joined Newsmax to say that he would support General Flynn running for President in 2024 if Trump didn’t.

Stone made it clear though that Trump would be his first choice though.

From Newsmax:

In a Saturday morning interview with right-wing news channel Newsmax, Stone suggested that Flynn should be the leading contender for the 2024 presidential nomination if Trump chooses not to challenge Biden. Although Stone said that Flynn currently is not seeking any office, he said the former general would be an ideal candidate for Trump loyalists.

“Right now Flynn assures me he’s not a candidate for anything. He’s not interested in running for public office. But he’s interested in helping save this country,” Stone said.

He went on to say that Trump would “100 percent” be his first choice for president in 2024, but suggested Flynn would be the best alternative.

“General Flynn, much like General Eisenhower—a non-politician—but a man, I think, of great destiny, great principle—should be drafted by the American people, should be drafted by those Trump supporters,” Stone said. “Only if the president chooses not to run,” he added.

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