RINO Kemp Could Be In Deep Trouble If He Gets Primary Opponent

FILE PHOTO: Following midterm elections, Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp reacts after appearing at his election night party in Athens, Georgia, U.S. November 7, 2018. REUTERS/Chris Aluka Berry

RINO Governor Brian Kemp did nothing to stop the election steal in 2020.

He now, is likely in trouble if he faces a primary opponent.

From The Washington Examiner:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp would be in deep trouble in a Republican primary should former Sen. David Perdue mount a campaign, according to a GOP poll obtained by the Washington Examiner.

The survey, conducted for Republican operatives interested in figuring out the lay of the land in Georgia, showed Kemp leading Perdue 38% to 32%, with Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones picking up 16%. When the pollster presented Perdue as endorsed by former President Donald Trump, he jumped ahead of Kemp and led the incumbent governor 41% to 34%, with Jones garnering 11%. In a head-to-head with Kemp with Trump’s backing, Perdue led 50% to 41%.

This survey is sure to increase speculation that Perdue is leaning toward challenging Kemp in the 2022 Republican gubernatorial primary. His entering the race would be a boon for Trump, who is attempting to recruit a prominent Republican to run against Kemp. The former president blames the governor for his loss to President Joe Biden in Georgia, claiming without evidence that the election was stolen and that top Republicans in the state let it happen.

On Wednesday, Perdue leaned into a matchup with Kemp, indicating to a Georgia radio host that the governor is to blame for the outcome in 2020. “A lot of people feel … that people in power haven’t fought for them and caved into a lot of things back in 2020 that didn’t have to be done,” he told WDUN. Perdue, who has ruled out a Senate bid, did not elaborate on his 2022 plans.

The poll also found that 78% of Georgia Republicans think “significant fraud” took place in 2020. Only 31% think Kemp did enough to stop the fraud.

It is important that the GOP gets a MAGA candidate to replace Kemp. Replacing RINOs with another RINO won’t fix anything.

No more RINOS!

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