WOW: Rudy Says AZ And GA Legislatures Would Have Rescinded Election Results If Not For RINO Governors Ducey And Kemp

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Rudy Giuliani just dropped a bombshell.

According to Rudy Giuliani, legislatures in Arizona and in Georgia would have rescinded the election results if not for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

He then outlined how they worked to undermine the election integrity process.

From The War

“Both legislatures [in Arizona and Georgia] would have voted to rescind if it wasn’t for [Ducey and Kemp],” Giuliani said.

“Kemp was actively involved in lobbying against giving us a hearing,” he said. “Plus they were behind not giving us a single piece of evidence. No ballots, no machines, why would you hide that if you said in Atlanta you had a perfect election?”


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Remember, according to Mike Lindell, it was Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp who stopped him from attending the GOP Governor’s dinner because he was going to expose the fraud:

Mike Lindell Confirms He Was Thrown Out Of Governor’s Dinner–Exposes Governor’s Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey

Here is a breakdown of fraud by state from the Navarro report:

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