Trump’s immigration policies are forcing restaurants to pay their employees more.

“We pay dishwashers $14 an hour ($3 above minimum wage) to offset (the shortage),” Fisher said. “To be honest, it’s the most integral position. If you can’t put food on a clean plate you have nothing to sell. And if the dishes pile up the whole process breaks down.”

It’s also the dirtiest, most grueling job. “The sink is always full, and in downtime you may have to peel a 50-pound sack of potatoes,” Fisher said. “Then back to the hot sink to get stabbed by a dirty steak knife.”

In his first 35 years running restaurants, Walter hardly gave a second thought to his dishwashers. Now he goes through a new one every week or so.

“We finally found somebody and he goes out back to empty the garbage and never comes back,” Walter said. “That’s happened more than once.”

This is something that showcases the effect of legal and illegal immigration on the wages of Americans. By having an overabundance of workers it gives employers the ability to pay them less.