Report: Poland giving aid to all refugees in their home countries

A new report from Radio Poland laid out how Poland is helping refugees.

Radio Poland:

Beata Kempa, Poland’s minister for humanitarian aid, was speaking during an ongoing four-day visit to Jordan, where she has visited Syrian-refugee camps in Zaatari and Azraq in the north of the country, among other sites.

Kempa met representatives of UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and Jordanian government officials in the country’s capital Amman on Sunday.

“Anyone who applies for help, who needs this help, will be provided with such aid from our state budget,” Kempa said, as quoted by Poland’s PAP news agency.

She is being accompanied to Jordan by a group of doctors from the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw, who are expected to help identify the most urgent medical needs among refugees, PAP reported.

Polish officials have repeatedly said that Poland is supporting those in need by increasing humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Syria and by working with aid organisations to rebuild hospitals.

Poland’s previous Prime Minister Beata Szydło has said that helping in this way is not only cheaper but more effective, whereas EU migration policy was not putting a stop to additional waves of migrants to Europe.

This is a narrative breaker for those that claim Poland is so evil for not wanting to take in refugees. Poland does not want to invite the societal problems that come with the mass importing of refugees from war-torn regions. Instead, they are choosing to help fund relief efforts in their homelands.

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