Report: New data shows illegal aliens are more likely to commit crimes than US citizens

Although the left loves to parade the idea that illegal immigrants are better Americans than actual Americans that thinking isn’t backed up by reality. New statistics showcase just how bad the illegal alien crime wave across the United States is.

These new facts are important. It shows that the people coming over the border aren’t the saints the left paints them as. They make up 7% of the U.S population yet commit way over that percentage. The bottom line is they are more likely to commit crime than your average US citizen. These aren’t small crimes, these are crimes with serious consequences. Murder, Money Laundering, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, and Fraud are all things that need to be taken seriously. No, they aren’t the only people committing crimes in our country but that doesn’t actually matter. These people shouldn’t be here in the first place so their crimes are more than stoppable. The next time a leftist tells you that America is better due to illegal immigration or that only morally sound people are coming over the border show these statistics, hopefully, it will begin to change their perception on the issue.

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