REPORT! Migrants from terror hotspots amid Honduras caravan

PALIN, GUATEMALA - OCTOBER 18: A member of the migrant caravan watches as a fellow immigrant is searched by Guatemalan police at a highway checkpoint en route to the border with Mexico on October 18, 2018 in Palin, Guatemala. The immigrants were part of a migrant caravan of thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, hoping to eventually reach the United States. U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the recent trade deal with Mexico and withhold aid to Central American countries if the caravan isn't stopped before reaching the U.S. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

A reporter from Univision claimed that they have found people within the migrant caravan from known terror hotspots.


“The borders in Central American are not as strong as the U.S., which makes it possible for people from Panama and Ecuador to cross easily,” Santa Anna said on Univision. “They cross from Costa Rica, then later go through Guatemala and eventually make it into our country.”

“Yesterday when we were traveling through Guatemala, we noticed people from El Salvador and even people from Bangladesh,” he continued. “Can you imagine what they had to do to get here? They infiltrated themselves in this caravan and tried to cross with the crowd. That would have benefited them greatly.”


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