The Mainstream Media is admitting that the refugees coming to America are coming for economic reasons.


Mansour noted the economic reasons for caravaning migrants seeking entry to the U.S.: “The media is not even trying to pretend that these people are fleeing for anything other than economic reasons.”

News media outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post have described caravaning migrants’ motivations for seeking entry to the U.S. as economic.

Vaughan described the openly stated economic motivations of the caravaning migrants as “[making] it harder to justify allowing these people to set foot in the United States.”

Vaughan recalled how left-wing lawyers had previously coached foreigners — providing them specific scripts to recite before border security and immigration officials — on how best to enter America via existing refugee and asylum laws and policies.

This debunks the narrative that these people are coming to America because they have no choice but to come to America. These people are coming to America for work. Of course, I am not saying many of these people aren’t poor I am simply pointing out that acting like these people have no choice is an argument that doesn’t hold up.


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