Report: Lawyer in Mueller probe dismissed over anti-Trump bias

    Remeber when the left-wing media told us that it was a conspiracy to think Robert Mueller’s investigation was comprised? Well, now they’re admitting it.

    The Hill:

    Special counsel Robert Mueller removed a veteran FBI agent from his team amid an investigation into the agent potentially sending anti-Trump text messages, according to new reports on Saturday.

    Three people close to the matter told The New York Times that Mueller reassigned Peter Strzok from the team investigating Russia’s election meddling to the FBI’s human resources department. 

    Strzok is a veteran FBI investigator who previously worked on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State, as well as the investigation into potential connections between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials.

    The Times reported that Strzok was removed from Mueller’s team after the Department of Justice’s inspector general launched an investigation into text messages sent by the agent that could appear to contain anti-Trump views.

    The agent reportedly exchanged text messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, whom he was dating, during the campaign and Clinton investigation that appeared to support the Democratic presidential candidate, people with knowledge of the matter told The Washington Post. 

    The funniest part of this is that anyone thought this would go down any different. We know that Mueller’s team is an anti-Trump hit squad because the entirety of the team is made up of people who are anti-Trump.

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