Report: Jeff Flake met with MSNBC, CNN to become news pundit

According to an exclusive from The Daily Beast, Republican Senator Jeff Flake has met with CNN and MSNBC to become a news pundit after his term is up in 2019.

The Daily Beast:

On Monday, he met with MSNBC president Phil Griffin; and on Tuesday, he met with rival network CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker. Flake was absent Monday for a series of Senate votes that took place around 5:30 p.m. Neither network responded to requests for comment on those meetings.

When asked by The Daily Beast whether he is in talks for a cable-news gig, Flake declined to confirm or deny that the meetings took place.

It is unclear if he will interview with any other Networks but it is quite odd that a Republican’s first networks would be two networks with such heavy liberal bias.

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