“Nazi-like” ‘ethnic superiority’ growing in China

In an interview with Breitbart News Population Research Institute, President Steven Mosher outlined the Nazi-like ‘ethnic superiority’ that is taking place in China.


Asked why China has failed to take in any refugees, Mosher explained that “China governs an ethnically based empire and the Chinese Communist Party self-consciously and openly touts the racial superiority of their race over all others,” similar to Germany’s Third Reich. The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is almost entirely Han Chinese.

“This is, of course, very disturbing for anyone who lived through last century, where we had a World War fought against a people whose government claimed that they were racially superior to all other European peoples and peoples around the world,” he said. “It was that Nazi doctrine of superiority that led to their effort to invade and conquer neighboring countries to create a living room for their people who they regarded as naturally superior.”

“The Chinese Communist Party – and we’re not talking about the Chinese people – the party itself is using claims of racial and cultural superiority to say that it deserves not only respect from other peoples of the world, but it deserves to be cow-towed to, to be listened to and obeyed, and followed by other countries around the world. So we’ve got a real problem with that government,” he continued.

“That means what?” he asked. “That means they’re not interested in taking refugees from another country or another culture because the CCP will say those people are inferior and those people do not deserve to live in the great Republic of China because they are not Han Chinese.”

Here is the example he used

Look inside China’s borders, what is going on now is very concerning because Xi Jinping has turned up the heat on the minorities in China – the Tibetans in Tibet, the Uyghur Muslims in Western Turkistan, the Mongolian peoples in the north – and he is trying to wipe out and extinguish and eliminate their separate cultural and ethnic identities.

[Minority] kids are not allowed to learn their own native language in the schools, they’re forced to learn Chinese. They’re forced to study the collected works of Chairman Xi Jinping, they’re discouraged from practicing their traditional religion if they have one. And the goal is to stamp out the Mongols, the Tibetans, and the Uyghur’s as separate and to assimilate them all in a forced pace fashion.

This gives you a view into the mindset of the Communist Party elite who think that if we force everyone to speak our language, and to study our political culture, and to only respect our history then all of our problems with minorities will disappear. And they certainly with that view don’t want to accept refugees who speak a different culture and different language, so they don’t.

With a global obsession with the Nazis, it is shocking that the media isn’t covering this aspect of China. China seems to get a break from all Mainstream Media news outlets. China is slowly becoming one of the biggest threats worldwide and that is why it is so important to become less and less dependent on them.

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