Report: Israel’s border wall cut illegal migration to almost zero

Anyone with doubt’s on whether a Border Wall will work should just look at what it did for Israel.


About 60,000 migrants have surreptitiously crossed into Israel over the once-porous border with Egypt since 2005, most of them Sudanese or Eritreans who cannot be sent back home because of international conventions that prevent the repatriation of asylum seekers to home countries where they could face persecution.

Israeli officials insist that most of the Africans were not fleeing persecution, but came as economic migrants looking for work.

After protests by the residents of south Tel Aviv, where the new arrivals were concentrated, Israel announced in 2012 that it was stepping up efforts to deter, detain and deport the migrants. Measures including the construction of a steel barrier along Israel’s border with Egypt have since cut the flow of African migrants to almost zero. None arrived in 2017, according to the immigration authority.

This is just a stunning statistic. When Israel decided to clamp down on its immigration it constructed a Wall and it was a part of fixing it immediately. Obviously, you also need to hire more border security but the Wall should be a top priority.

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