Report: ISIS is training jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots

Islamic Terror is continuing to show its ugly face even after the fall of the Islamic State’s capital.


Fears are growing Western holidaymakers will be targeted in terror attacks by depraved terrorists who have travelled back to Trinidad and Tobago from the beaten caliphate.

So much so, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is currently taking measures to prevent fighters from returning to the islands, located southeastern from the United States, into a platform from which terrorist attacks can be organised.

When quizzed over the risk of jihadis returning, Minister of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago at the CARICOM replied: “It is not a matter of yes but when.”

The warning comes amid fears fighters will be able to travel between most of the Caribbean islands without a visa, meaning reaching the Bahamas would leave any terrorist just a step away from Florida.

According to the Caribbean Crime and Security Implementation Agency (Impacs), more than 200 people have travelled from the Caribbean in recent years to join ISIS.

Particular concern exists in Trinidad and Tobago, which has the highest proportion of Islamist radicalisation throughout America.

With 1.3 million citizens and a community of 104,000 Muslims, at least 130 people have travelled to Syria to live and fight under the flag of ISIS, according to figures revealed by the Government of Trinidad between 2013 and 2014.

Islamic radicalism is not new in Trinidad and Tobago.

In 1990 there was a failed coup by a radicalised Muslim group, but it was in 2007 when this country and neighbouring Guyana planned an attack against fuel tanks at JFK airport in New York….

A few things from this excerpt are extremely scary. The first is the fact that Islamic State fighters are going to be traveling back. These Muslims literally fought for ISIS. As the article states once they get back they will be able to travel freely from island to island and even get awfully close to Florida.

Something needs to be done to restrict the travel, or properly vet these Terrorists coming back. It doesn’t that government officials have taken any step to do this so far.

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