Report: Biden Admin To Confirm No ISIS-K Killed In Drone Strike

The Biden Administration continues to be a global embarrassment.

The Biden Admin is set to confirm that they did not kill any members of ISIS-K in their drone strike in Kabul.

It was exposed that Biden’s strike, which allegedly killed a member of ISIS-k, actually killed a USAID worker.

From Big League Politics:

A New York Times investigation has indicated that a drone strike supposedly targeting ISIS suicide bombers in Kabul following the attack at the airport actually killed an innocent aid worker and a family in a dense residential city block.

An article on the Times investigation, published on Friday, concluded that a drone strike misidentified an aid worker who was distributing food as an ISIS suicide bomber. Zemari Ahmadi, a casualty of the drone strike the day after a bombing at the Kabul airport killed 13 service members, was reportedly an employee of an American NGO called Nutrition and Education International.

The Palmieri Report previously reported that Biden had killed 9 civilians initially in the airstrike.

From The Palmieri Report:

According to reporter Muslim Shirzard, no ISIS-K members were killed in the drone strike earlier today.

He claims that 9 people, including 6 children were killed.

Now, we have this.

Trump has responded.


“They did this strike quickly, in order to show they are tough. Instead, they killed a USAID worker and many children. This is what happens when you have grossly incompetent people at the helm.

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