Who Was Killed In Drone Strike In Kabul?

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Earlier today, there was a strike in Kabul.

The strike was allegedly targeting an ISIS-K suicide bomber.

From Becker. news:

The U.S. military carried out a pre-emptive strike against an incoming suicide bomb attempt on Sunday. The reported suicide bomb attempt came less than 24 hours after President Biden issued a statement that such an attack was expected.

“A U.S. airstrike Sunday targeted a vehicle carrying ‘multiple suicide bombers’ from Afghanistan’s Islamic State affiliate before they could target the ongoing American military evacuation at Kabul’s international airport, ” the AP reported.

“There were few initial details about the incident, as well as a rocket that struck a neighborhood just northwest of the airport, killing a child,” the report continued. “The two strikes initially appeared to be separate incidents, though information on both remained scarce.”

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid earlier said in a message to journalists that “the U.S. strike targeted a suicide bomber as he drove a vehicle loaded with explosives,” the AP added.

“Two American military officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss military operations, called the airstrike successful,” the report added. “They said the strike caused ‘significant secondary explosions’indicating the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material in the vehicle.”

Now, we have this.

According to reporter Muslim Shirzard, no ISIS-K members were killed in the drone strike earlier today.

He claims that 9 people, including 6 children were killed.

Here is a list of those killed:

Alleged videos of the bodies:

More from EHA News:

If these reports are false.

The Biden administration must immediately release the names of the ISIS-K members who were killed.


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