REPORT! Almost 1k migrants die per year traveling to U.S

According to a tally put together by the Associated Press nearly 1,000 migrants die traveling to the U.S per year.


 In the past four years alone, almost 4,000 migrants have died or gone missing along that route, The Associated Press has found in an exclusive tally. That’s 1,573 more than the previously known number, calculated by the United Nations. And even the AP’s number is likely low — bodies may be lost in the desert, and families may not report missing loved ones who were migrating illegally.

This is why we should not be incentivizing illegal immigration as we do now. If these migrants thought they would have no chance of getting into America they wouldn’t risk making the trip. However, with weak border security and weak laws, they feel they can enter no problem. This not only funds the drug cartels but also leads to the deaths of thousands of migrants.

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