PR Contributor: Matthew Miller

Hello readers of the Palmieri Report,

I am honored to be the newest contributor to this great website. I believe that I share the same vision as the site’s esteemed founder, Jake Palmieri. That is, to grow The Palmieri Report from the true grassroots to a place of prominence and influence among America’s political news media, bringing fact based and well sourced news content to our readers, as well as the focused goal of dismantling the Leftist held monopoly in the media.

I have previously worked as an intern for the Gateway Pundit, under Conservative icon Jim Hoft, in the summer of 2017. I had also started my own news media website called the Rational Revolution, in early 2018, where my goals were nearly congruent to that of Jake Palmieri’s. I am eager to seek more journalistic experience here at the Palmieri Report and continue to bring ground breaking stories to the forefront of America’s political conversation.

Thank you sincerely, for supporting our work here as we tirelessly extract the facts and true news from the complex political battlegrounds of our time. God bless, and keep reading!


Matthew M. Miller


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