According to a new Zogby Poll Trump’s approval with Latinos is 49% and 28% with blacks.

Here is the summary from the author.


  • President Trump’s job approval rating is tied for the highest we have on record. A slim majority strongly and somewhat approve of his job performance as president for the second straight poll. His numbers are being driven by record low unemployment and an inflated stock market, but a potential recession looms.
  • Trump’s job approval is much better than his counterpart to the north, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. Under heavy scrutiny lately, Trudeau’s popularity has dipped.
  • Besides a good economy, Trump’s good approval rating is being driven by a surge in popularity among voters living in the South and Central regions, Independents, Millennials, suburban men, urban men, and older voters. Trump’s approval rating has improved with minorities-28% of African Americans and 49% of Hispanics at least somewhat approve of the president-both very good numbers, historically, for Trump.
  • Trump’s support has spiked among consumers, mainly NASCAR fans and weekly Walmart and Amazon shoppers. A solid majority of each group gives the president a positive job rating.
  • Trump has recently seen a spike in support among large and small city voters-more than half of each group approves of the president. Trump is also polling well among urban women, but has seen his support from suburban women take a beating. It will be interesting to see if the rise in support among urban women can blunt the decreased support among women in the suburbs.
  • Religious voters are key to Trump winning in 2020. They make-up a big part of the electorate and have a big presence in battleground states. Right now the president is polling very well with Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals.

I have not seen another Poll showcasing these numbers but as we know even outlier polls should be considered. This Poll would make sense due to the fact Trump’s agenda is so good for African Americans and Hispanics.

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