Politico headline slams Trump over U.S Attorney firings yet didn’t when Obama did the same thing

    Every Presidential administration has the right to fire as many U.S Attorney’s as they want. Obama did it. Bush did it. Heck, Bill Clinton fired 93 of them. Like everything that has to do with Trump the MSM has attempted to act like this is a foreign idea and that this is somehow an evil thing to do. This was portrayed beautifully when we look at how Politico covered the firing of attorneys under both administrations.

    Let’s start by looking at the headlines of both of these articles:

    Politico headline for Obama:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.16.13 AM
    Politico headline for Obama

    Politico headline for Trump:

    Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.15.46 AM
    Politico headline for Trump

    As you can see both of these headlines portray a much different story. If someone reads Obamas headline it seems like what he is doing is normal. There is no talk of actually firing anyone and they choose the word replace to paint a more favorable picture. When we fast forward to Trumps headline it paints a much darker picture. They use the term “oust” and throughout the article paints a picture that Trump did something evil. Both of these pieces were written by the same author so these differences shouldn’t really appear. One was written as hard news the other was written with opinion spilled throughout.

    We understand the differences between how both administrations handled the firings but that doesn’t make this right by any means. If anything the Obama administration left more questions to be answered. They had not yet come to a decision on who would be fired and keeping people on until you replace them just doesn’t seem like a very productive way of doing things.

    MSM needs to figure itself out before it gets left behind.



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