A new Pew study shows that the Merit-based immigration plan that Donald Trump is proposing would work at bringing in more college-educated immigrants. 


In Canada, for example, immigration rules changed to a largely points-based system with the 1967 Immigration Act, favoring immigrants with more education in conjunction with other characteristics like age and language ability. After more than a decade under the act, the share of immigrants having some college education or more rose from 13% in 1971 to 44% in 1981. After more than four decades using an immigration system based more on merit, nearly two-thirds (63%) of immigrants in Canada ages 25 and older had some postsecondary education.

Liberals love to virtue signal about how great Canada is without even looking into some of there immigration proposals. It is clear that their Merit-based program allows them to bring in people who are college educated rather than those that have less than a college education. 

This study only looked at people 25 or older. 



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