Pence Mulling 2024 Run

The relationship between 45th President Donald Trump and Mike Pence has soured since January 6th.

Trump has called out Pence for not stopping the certification of the 2020 election. Pence has defended the decision.

Due to this Pence has begun mulling a run for President in 2024. It is unclear if he would challenge Trump if Trump did run.

From Fox Business:

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday did not rule out a run in 2024 while speaking during an exclusive interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” saying that “at the right time” he will “consider” how he “might participate in that process.”

Pence made the revelation after host Maria Baritromo asked the former vice president if he wants former President Trump to run in 2024 and if he is looking to get back into leadership.

“All of my focus right now is on 2022,” Pence responded. “I think we have a historic opportunity to reclaim majorities in the House and Senate, to elect great Republican governors around America and, in 2023, I’m confident the Republican Party will nominate a candidate who will be the next President of the United States of America and at the right time, my family and I will reflect and consider how we might participate in that process.”

“But now more than ever with war in Europe and with an administration seemingly intent on weakening our country, driving our nation toward a European-style welfare state, we need strong Republican majorities on Capitol Hill and strong Republican governors and that’s what we are going to work to achieve,” he continued.

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