Peaceful Female Milo supporter pepper sprayed by UC Berkeley Rioters

    It took me a few days to find this video. Sadly, I wish I had seen this sooner due to the fact this has almost become old news at this point. I still feel it is an important thing to share due to just how despicable this video is. So without further of due here is the video.


    I want to point out one quote from this young lady before I give my full honest opinion on the matter.

    “Props to them who are doing it unviolently but I think that’s a very rare thing indeed so”

    I pointed this out for one reason, this quote is as American as it gets. She disagrees with the protestors yet respects their rights as Americans to express themselves peacefully. She herself was there showing support for the Milo talk. Hoping to attend and hear what Milo had to say. It is her right as an American to be able to listen and believe what she pleases as long as it is within the confines of the law. Sadly, her rights were infringed on not only in the sense that she wasn’t able to listen to Milos talk but also she was physically harmed for her want to express those rights in a peaceful manner. She went to listen to a talk, and instead was physically harmed by the “self-proclaimed” protectors of women’s rights. The “self-proclaimed” protectors of equality. The “self-proclaimed” protectors of American free speech. My reason for writing this is because this story should have been bigger. This story should have become more mainstreamed but sadly it wasn’t. I want to end on the fact I realize this behavior does not represent the belifs of all the people at this event. I realize this does not represent all of the peaceful protestors we have seen over this past year. With that being said videos such as this still need to be shared, still need to be talked about and it should get just as much attention as if this was an attack against the left.

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