Our founder Jake Palmieri took on the Liberal’s who politicized the mass shooting shortly after it happened.




7 thoughts on “Palmieri:”Leftists immediately politicize Texas Shooting, blame Guns not evil man””

  1. Why does the Right blame Islam and not evil men when it comes to the terror attack in New York? Both of these things are acts of terrorism, and there SHOULD be more gun control. You would think after Aurora, Charleston, Miami, and Las Vegas, that gun control is what the general public wants.

    1. 1. Islam is a belief system that is the motive behind attacks.
      2. Guns are an object that don’t kill anyone.

      None of these attacks would have been stopped with gun control…GO home…

      1. So, following your logic, Christianity is a belief system that was behind the Crusades, Salem Witch Trials, and the Ku Klux Klan swear to uphold Christianity sooo.
        And guns are objects that DO kill people. Saying otherwise is just nit-picky and incorrect. This man, a 26 year old white male, might I mention, had access to guns, and walked into this chruch and killed all those people. Dylann Roof had access to guns, and killed those people in Charleston. The Las Vegas shooter had more than 20 GUNS and killed 59 people. What is the common denominator between all of these men? They had guns. If they didnt have guns, they couldnt commit these crimes, or if they chose a different weapon, it could have been possible to stop them.

        It must be very convenient to see your own truth and not look at anything else.

      2. Also, in Chicago, which the Right loooooves to cite for its extreme violence, the instances of gun homicide was extremrely high, where 4,431 people were shot and 762 murdered last year. And comparatively in New York, where there are stricter gun laws, there was only 998 shootings (still alot yes) and far fewer deaths.

        So yes. Gun and people with bad intentions kill people. But guns do kill people.

    1. WITNESS: Law Abiding Gun Owner was the only reason Texas Shooter stopped shooting, saved… thepalmierireport.com/witness-law-ab…

  2. So I never said that all guns should be banned or whatever point you are trying to prove by posting your link that a Law Abiding Gun Owner stopped the Texas shooter. I 100% agree that many people are reponsible gun owners, but also,
    “When Devin Kelley gunned down 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday, he used a Ruger AR assault-type rifle, according to officials.”

    High power assault rifles have no place in the public sector because,
    “Texas doesn’t restrict assault-style weapons, the type of firearm used in the mass shootings in Orlando, Florida, last year; San Bernardino, California; and Newtown, Connecticut. In fact, like many other states, Texas has few laws regulating gun ownership and sale at all. The state has passed just five major pieces of gun legislation in the last 25 years.”

    Clearly we have a problem here. If anyone in the general public can have access to assault style weapons, one- what is your intention with such a weapon? And two, there needs to be EXTENSIVE background checks and restrictions in obtaining such a weapon.

    (sources Vice News,http://lawcenter.giffords.org)

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