Pro-Trump Conservative Candace Owens destroyed liberal professor Kathleen Belew for lying right to her face while speaking in front of the House Judiciary Committee on hate crimes and white nationalism.

Article from The Gateway Pundit:

MUST SEE… CANDACE OWENS UNLOADS! Liberal Hack Gets Drubbing After Accusing Owens of Laughing at Christchurch Massacre (VIDEO)
Partial Transcript:

Candace Owens:

You know that white supremacy and white nationalism ranks nowhere near the issues that are facing black America. And the reason you are bringing them up in this room is an attempt to make it all about race… You know exactly what I meant when I said hilarious. You just tried to do live what the media does all the time to Republicans, to our president, and to conservatives. You tried to manipulate what I said to fit your narrative… The audacity of you bringing up the Christchurch killer and manifesto and make it seem like I laughed at people who were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable. And I think that we should be above that… This hearing in my opinion is a farce. And it is ironic that you are sitting here and having three Caucasian people here to testify and tell you what their expertise are. Do you know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life, all 30 years and I can tell you, you guys have done the exact same thing ever 4 years.

Owens also took to Twitter to bash Kathleen:

You have to love the people who constantly make up words like “white privilege” and claim we must listen to people due solely their skin color can say something like this. You have to realize that since Candace Owens is a black Conservative she doesn’t get the same protections that black liberals get.

I know this is going out on a limb(not) but I’m going to guess that Candace Owens doesn’t support white supremacy. My biggest piece of evidence to support this is the fact she is black.

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