“Only Making Trump More Powerful”- Donald Trump Jr. Explains What The Sham Dem Impeachment Is Really Doing

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Another great story.

Donald Trump Jr. dropped a bomb in an interview with The Washington Examiner.

He said that the only thing that the Dem run impeachment sham is doing is making Trump more powerful.

From The Washington Examiner: 

The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump is having the reverse effect of bolstering the former president with its “vindictive” tone from Democrats, according to Donald Trump Jr.

In a Secrets interview, the president’s son said, “It’s vindictive; they are trying to tar and feather someone after the fact. And it’s only making Trump more powerful because people are starting to see how ridiculous it is.”

The trial is expected to run through the weekend. According to the media, the Democrats prosecuting the case have scored points by showing vivid videos of the Capitol riots that they blame on Trump.

He isn’t wrong.

This impeachment sham is exposing the Democrat Party for what it is.

They are power-hungry.

They are vindictive.

They are liars.

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