Olbermann: I Am ‘Retiring From Political Commentary in All Media Venues’

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GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann announced on Monday that he is “retiring from political commentary in all media venues” near the end of the latest episode of “The Resistance” video series.

Olbermann, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and former MSNBC host, opened Monday’s episode by announcing that it would be the last of his video series.

He tweeted that Trump is an “ex-president waiting to happen” and told political followers on Twitter not to take it personally when he unfollows them on Twitter.

“I am confident now even more so than I have been throughout the last year that this nightmare presidency of Donald John Trump will end prematurely and end soon, and I am thus also confident that this is the correct moment to end this series of commentaries,” Olbermann said.

Olbermann then discussed seven different routes that he believes Trump’s presidency could go down, all of which he believes would lead to Trump’s impeachment or resignation. He started off by talking about Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn and how he expects Flynn’s cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller to sink Trump’s presidency.

Olbermann went on to talk about previous sexual misconduct allegations against Trump and said he finds it hard to believe that “the dam won’t break” against him.

“It seems impossible to believe that some claimant somewhere does not have tangible evidence against Trump and that they won’t say, ‘To hell with it,’ and break one of those nondisclosure agreements and Trump will suddenly be envying Harvey Weinstein,” Olbermann said.

After talking about the seven different outcomes that he believes lead “inevitably” to the end of Trump’s presidency, he announced that he is ready to enjoy life again and not talk about politics.

“No illness. No scandal. No firing. Just I’ve said what I’ve had to say,” Olbermann said. “It was as obvious as I made it seem. I give my work everything I can, so it’s not like I can dial it back.”

“I am retiring from political commentary in all media venues,” Olbermann concluded. “Thank you for all the kind words and all the support. Have fun storming the castle. My work here is done. Matter of fact, so is Trump’s.”

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