Of Course…Top Doctor Claims Omicron Was Created In Lab

The Palmieri Report previously reported on a study that alleged Omicron came from mice.

New Bombshell Study Released On Omicron Origins

We now have more information.

Not only could this have come from mice but that it could also have been from lab experiments on mice.

Dr. Steven Quay said that he believes this was another example of gain of function research.

It is unclear what lab this could have come from because there are multiple in South Africa.

From 100percentfedup:

Last night, Fox News host Jesse Watters invited Dr. Steven Quay to appear as a guest on his show to discuss the origins of the Omicron, the latest COVID variant that is spreading like wildfire across the world.

Watters asked Dr. Quay about Omicron and the possibility that its origins are tied to one or more labs in South Africa?

“Research suggests, the evidence suggests, that they were doing experiments on mice in a lab in South Africa,” Watters said. He continued, “We don’t know which lab,” asking, “Do we know which lab?”

Dr. Quay responded, “Uh, we do,” he said, adding, “There are actually several laboratories, so we don’t have that final piece of information.”

“They were trying to do experiments, in order to get ahead of the virus—in order to make sure a vaccine would help it—or—and it escaped because that’s what viruses do,” Watters explained to his viewers. “Would this have been ‘gain of function’ research in a South African lab?” he asked.

Dr. Quay responded, “Yeah, it effectively is ‘gain of function’” He explained, “If you’re trying to teach a virus how to get around human antibodies, it’s gaining the function to get around human antibodies. Growing it in mice, it’s gaining the ability to grow in mice. Yeah, so both of those do qualify as ‘gain of function.’”


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