NYT editor with anti-white history leaves Editorial Board

According to a spokesperson for The New York Times, NYT Editor Sarah Jeong is no longer a member of the New York Times editorial board.

She has a history of racist and sexist tweets.

NYT hires anti-white, anti-men woman to editorial board

Reliable Sources:

Oliver Darcy emails: Sarah Jeong is no longer a member of the NYT editorial board. A spokesperson for NYT told me Jeong is no longer an employee, but has shifted to being a contracted contributor for NYT Opinion. “Sarah decided to leave the editorial board in August,” said Kate Kingsbury, deputy editorial page editor, “but we’re glad to still have her journalism and insights around technology in our pages through her work as a contributor.”

In an emailed statement, Jeong said the change in role will allow her to “go back to reporting and writing long features while still being involved with NYT Opinion section on tech issues.” Jeong added, “The decision was hard because of the many wonderful colleagues I would have to leave behind, but I made the change so I can work on what I want to work on in the immediate moment.”

…says eyebrow-raising tweet wasn’t a call to unsubscribe

Darcy adds: Jeong raised eyebrows on Friday afternoon when she weighed in on calls for people to cancel their NYT subscriptions over the newspaper’s decision to identify the whistleblower as a CIA officer. Guardian columnist Siva Vaidhyanathan had urged people to not cancel, saying it would “hurt many great journalists” who work at NYT like Jeong. 

Jeong said that this wasn’t a call to unsubscribe.

But Jeong said it was not a “call to unsubscribe.” She told me, “I’m just weary of having my name and my work invoked as a reason to not boycott. A lot of people have done and continue to do great work at the Times. But if a reader has real, good-faith objections to certain editorial decisions, the fact that the paper has done great work doesn’t negate those objections.”

Of course, the New York Times still wants her brilliance in the opinion section. It is quite crazy to me the double standard that is showcased regarding the past comments of people. If you replaced white with black and men with women and made her a Conservative she would never have been hired anywhere(She probably shouldn’t have either)

Conservatives come to the defense of Sarah Jeong NYT hire

Conservatives did defend her right to a job(I think that is a good thing I guess) but we have to ask what did it actually get us. A double standard is worse than having no standards at all. Moving forward we must be promoting our standards while at the same time holding the left to their own.

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