The Mainstream Press will tell you to trust them. They will tell you don’t read websites like mine because they claim alternative media pushes “fake news” or “half-truths”. They claim that we push conspiracies. However, the New York Times seemingly has no issue with its own columnists and journalists spreading conspiracy theories. Paul Krugman is a columnist for the New York Times. He has a long history of being wrong. Now, of course, columnists are going to be wrong. Anyone who puts his or her opinion out there as much as Krugman does can never expect to be right 100% of the time. However, there is a difference between being wrong and being maliciously conspiratorial. There is no evidence this is fake. In fact, there is a video of this event taking. So, this post is clearly not only false but maliciously intended to be false.

Krugman tries to defend himself though. Krugman points to a post which shows that cops “falsely” claimed they were poisoned at a shake shack.

This actually makes my point above. Even in this post, Krugman is maliciously lying. The Police Officers did not lie about being poisoned. They were poisoned. However, according to the investigation, it was not intentional.


New York City police determined there was nothing criminal afoot when three officers got Shake Shack milkshakes that might have been accidentally tainted with a cleanser.

Police came to the determination after “a thorough investigation,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said in a tweet early Tuesday.

The officers complained of feeling ill upon sipping the shakes and ended up going to a hospital. Harrison said they were fine.

Several of the city’s police unions pounced on the incident as an example of an anti-police attack, initially claiming the officers were intentionally poisoned.

Another shameful lie.

Now, back to the original claim. Did the Police Union make up that their office was burned? The answer to this is of course not?

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