New Poll Shows Trump Gaining On Biden…Increase In Black Support

A new poll from Emerson found President Trump only down two to Joe Biden.

It also shows President Trump has the support of 19% of Black Americans. Far more than the 8% support Trump got in 2016.

This is why the Democrats are freaking out. They know that they misplayed their hand on these riots and are now trying to walk it back. They were scared to take on their base who was rioting in the street. They thought if they lied to the American people they would blame President Trump. That hasn’t happened.

Here are some things that have happened:

Joe Biden’s Poll numbers have begun to look terrible:

Biden Is Polling Worse In Key States Than Hillary Did In 2016
Trump: Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Plunging…Coming Out Of The Basement Early

Democrats are switching their votes to Donald Trump:

WATCH: 8 Minutes Of Democrat CSPAN Callers Saying They Are Voting Trump

They are outraising Democrats:

RNC Convention Crushes DNC Convention In Total Viewers…Also Outraised Them

This polling data also has him at a 49% approval rating:

For the first time since he’s taken office, Trump’s job approval rating is approaching a majority, at 49% approval and 47% disapproval. This is a jump of four points since July, where Trump had 45% approval and 51% disapproval.

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