New group launching to stop censorship of Conservatives

A new group, Giant Slayers is launching to stop the Censorship of Conservatives. This group, Giant Slayers is going to fight the left-wing hate networks that try their best to attack advertisers of right-wing news outlets and personalities. Examples of groups they are looking to target are Sleeping Giants,, and Media Matters. These are groups that thrive on misinformation and bullying to attack Right-wing outlets. By bullying advertisers by using out of context screenshots and soundbites they attempt to take away the financial base of these outlets.

I have had run-ins with the Sleeping Giants. Although they are yet to really target my advertisers they did attempt to attack us for calling them out.

Sleeping Giants has also attacked Breitbart News. According to VOX, Sleeping Giants has caused Breitbart to lose over 4000 advertisers. 

Applying this lesson to something more important than cheap furniture, Rivitz started an account called Sleeping Giants, aimed at alerting advertisers whose ads were appearing on Breitbart. Today, the account has nearly 200,000 followers and has convinced more than 4,000 companies to take their ads off that site; it has also led campaigns aimed at Fox News, Laura Ingraham and Robert Mercer, but Rivitz says it’s not about politics — it’s about bigotry and hate speech.

“A lot of the Breitbarts of the world, they can claim that they’re being silenced because they’re on the right,” he said. “But they’re being thrown off a lot of these platforms because they’re being super racist. To me, if they want to conflate those two things, then let them do that.”

Here are the tactics of Sleeping Giants and why we need groups like Giant Slayers.

Sleeping Giants uses out of context screenshots and sends those to companies they see advertising. Companies, who likely have no clue what they are even looking at feel the heat and decide they will pull their ads from Breitbart. In turn, this causes Breitbart to lose money.

The goal of Sleeping Giants is simple. Put Conservative Media out of business. They have no interest in changing minds or having a debate. The only way to stop these groups is by having our own group to stand up to them.

The team will be doing an interview:

Promo video for Giant Slayers:


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