My November 8th, 2016 experience

    Last years election cycle was a life-changing moment for me. As someone who followed Politics but was a Sportswriter, I wasn’t sure what to make of the election. Two things were certain in my eyes at the time though.

    1. Neither Candidate was an ideal Presidential Candidate

    2. All the experts were saying Hillary was a lock to win( Although I didn’t fully believe this)

    Looking back now I was a fool to think both.

    I used to always relay the talking points of the mainstream media. “Trump can’t get out of his own way” I would say. “Nobody likes Hillary why is Trump making people not like him” I’d exclaim. At no point though did I take into account what the actual American people wanted. I never once took into account the anger within the Republican party. I never once took into account that Americans were tired of the Political Correctness that is used in this country to stop people who disagree with you from talking. The biggest thing I didn’t account for was that the American people were tired of the corruption in Washington.

    We can now move onto these “experts” opinions. When you study Politics from a distance you aren’t able to grasp just how bad the Mainstream Media is at what they do. You watch their reports and take everything they say as fact. It isn’t until you start doing your own research that you realize these people have not only no clue what they are talking about but they represent only the elitist ruling class in this country. CNN and MSNBC have no clue about what the American people want. They represent Hollywood and New York. The Represent the swamp who lives in D.C. Their coverage only represents those people. If I asked one of the Liberal Pundits on CNN what Michigan was they’d say “Isn’t that an airport?”. Now I’m obviously joking in terms of them not knowing that Michigan is a state but I’m not joking when I tell you that is how they view these states. The media couldn’t have predicted a Trump win because the media had no clue how the majority of Americans felt.

    We now move onto the day.

    I woke up at around 7 am and walked down to where we voted on my college campus. I walked in and cast my vote for Donald J. Trump. You see at the time I had no clue that my vote would be a vote that represented America’s second revolution. When you hear the term 2016 was the new 1776 you better believe it. Just like in 1776 the American people looked into the eyes of the elites that ruled them and said “You might not know my name right now but I promise you won’t forget my name after today”.

    After voting I rushed to my first class of the day. This class would be my only class of the day. My other Journalism class was taking part in an exciting project. We were going to cover the election day and have a newspaper printed. I had my task and I did just that.

    After having a day out on the town going to different events, covering stories I made my way back to campus. On campus, all the other students involved were working hard. Some were editing, some were in a room sitting at a long table watching the election results roll in. By the time I got their things were just about to turn in Trump’s favor.

    When the news began to break that Trump was now the favorite to win the newsroom took a much more silent tone. Everyone was still working but there was no doubt that people in the room were far from happy. I remember the excitement/amazement I felt during this time. As I walked back to my dorm, after completing the assignment I was still trying to put together what had just happened. Everybody told me Hillary was who Americans wanted. Everybody told me Trump had no chance. I would soon realize the truth behind this event.

    At the time I had no clue how much this would transform my life. The left’s ridiculous virtue signaling and the medias constant lying would light a fire in me that would propel me to completely reinvent myself and my website. The protests, the crying, the virtue signaling and the lying all made me angry to the point I couldn’t no longer not cover Politics. So I decided I would end what I thought was my dream, to cover sports, and entered the battlefield that is politics.

    As I look back over this past year I see I have learned a lot. I have studied the media, studied the left and studied the history of both. I have learned many lessons and use those to improve my site and solidify my beliefs.

    I would never have thought to look into this before Trump’s victory. Sure I thought we had issues in this country but I never was actively trying to look into fixing them. I was sitting on the sidelines while many on the right were engaged in a war for our country and the beliefs it was founded on.

    November 8th, 2016 will go down in the history books not as the day that a racist got elected, not as a day a sexist got elected, not as a day that a Homophobe got elected. Heck, November 8th, 2016 won’t even go down as the day Trump got elected. November 8th, 2016 will go down as the day the American people took the country back from the elites in Washington and New York and restored our country back to its founding beliefs.

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