MSNBC has worst ratings month in Trump era

August was the worst rating month for MSNBC during the Trump era according to the numbers.


While FNC was No. 1 in primetime viewership in all of basic cable this month and celebrated its 38th consecutive month as tops in total-day audience, that other cable newser, MSNBC, got burned this hot August.

Down 16% in total day viewers from last August to 870,000, and down 20% in primetime viewers from last year to 1.48 million, the NBCUniversal-owned outlet beat CNN in total viewers in both categories.

However, this month also saw MSNBC garner just 222,000 in the 25-54 primetime demo to match July as the channel’s worst result since Donald Trump entered the White House.

Similar to MSNBC’s primetime demo result, not a lot changed in the cable news show rankings from July to August. Sean Hannity’s 9 PM ET perch was still No. 1 for a fifth month in a row with 3.3 million tuning in, even with last month.

Weathering a series of advertiser losses and outrage over incendiary remarks about the true scope of white supremacy in America, Tucker Carlson Tonight was No. 2 again with 3.1 million viewers. The Ingraham Angle’s audience of 2.6 million, The Five’s viewership of 2.5 million and, once again the only non-FNC show in the cable news top 5, The Rachel Maddow Show’s 2.3 million, saw all the same shows in the same place compared with last month with small variations in their results.

This is actually quite shocking to me. You would think with a President like Donald Trump that the left would be wanting to hear more from the “resistance” or people like Rachel Maddow. The ratings drop can come from a few things.

The first is that people are tired of politics. Imagine being a liberal and listening to MSNBC’s lies all day. Imagine hearing that Hitler is in the White House all day. I have heard from people on the left and read on left-wing news sites that many are getting “tired out” from Donald Trump. When Trump was first elected many thought they could easily get him out of office. Many thought he would be a failure. However, Trump has proven that he not only isn’t a failure but that he isn’t going anywhere either.

The second is that MSNBC has been exposed. How many times did they claim this was the end for President Trump? They pushed an entire Russian Narrative only for it to fall flat on their face. It isn’t inconceivable to think that even liberals realized this and just decided to turn it off.

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