Minneapolis Somalis turning on Omar over affair, support for LGBTQ

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Ilhan Omar has lost a lot of support among Somalis after she had an affair with a Democrat strategist and because she supports LGBTQ issues. Her having Alcohol at her events also has led to a loss of support for her.

The Daily Mail:

Somalis in Minneapolis say Omar has lost significant support in their community since her 2018 victory. Much of that is due to her affair with Mynett.

Her decision to hold the first in a series of ‘Happy Hours with Ilhan’ at a Minneapolis distillery on Thursday evening added to the distrust. The event attracted around 100 followers, but there was a distinct lack of Somalis in the audience.

Omar arrived barely 20 minutes before the scheduled end of the event at Du Nord Craft Spirits as her plane from Washington was delayed.

‘I don’t know what she is thinking, holding a happy hour event,’ one local community leader told DailyMail.com. ‘It’s almost as if she is deliberately trying to turn her Somali supporters against her.

‘She is as a figurehead for us, the most famous Somali in America and she had embarrassed us. She is the face of the Somali community.’

The source said Somalis in Minneapolis were already upset after DailyMail.com published pictures of Mynett carrying beer into Omar’s apartment.

‘Now she is holding an event in a place where they actually make alcoholic drinks!’ the source exclaimed.

The Quran describes alcohol as ‘an abomination of Satan’s handiwork.’ Omar was not seen to be drinking at the event, although most of her supporters were.

The congresswoman’s affair with Mynett has also leeched off support as has her backing of gay and lesbian rights, a topic that has virtually no support among generally conservative Somali-Americans.

‘First she is dancing with lesbians at a gay pride parade then she is cheating on her husband. These are things that are severely frowned upon,’ said one Minneapolis Somali leader.

‘People never wanted to believe that she was having an affair with her fundraiser. It wasn’t until pictures of the two of them together that many would accept the rumors.

‘Then even the Imams had to accept it was true.’

‘It came as a big shock that she would do something so outside our cultural norms,’ added the source.

‘Not only was she married, but so was he and there was anger that she had destroyed his family as well as her own. He had a son too.

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This was an amazing story for me to read. I came into this article looking into the fact she is trying to bribe her ex-husband to not talk about the affair. However, I think that this is actually the biggest story here. They say she is the most famous Somali American ever. They clearly viewed her with very high esteem. They wanted to wait for all the facts to come out before they attacked her over this. Once they saw evidence however they claimed she had “embarrassed” them. There is no question that they are right to be mad over the cheating allegations. They are completely correct that she destroyed two different families with her actions.

Ilhan Omar is about to get a crash course on what Islam really is and what Muslims really believe in. Islam and Liberalism are polar opposites. The Somalis in her community do not like her views. In fact, as they say they detest them.

I hope I get to write a story where Somalis in Minneapolis are responsible for Ilhan Omar not getting re-elected.

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