According to an article from PJ Media, Ilhan Omar got her ex-husband fired as a policy advisor for a Minnesota councilwoman.


During the summer, sources* within the Minneapolis Somali community informed me that Rep. Ilhan Omar has been using financial leverage to prevent Ahmed Hirsi from filing for divorce.

Ahmed Hirsi’s employment with Councilwoman Cano was quietly terminated months ago: June 14.

The June 14 termination of Ahmed Hirsi’s employment is public data. Anyone can verify this information by filing a request with the City of Minneapolis City Clerk.

My sources stated that Ahmed Hirsi was terminated following a request by Rep. Omar. They added that Omar’s motivation for the request was to force Hirsi to become reliant upon her assets and income.

For the majority of 2019, Ahmed Hirsi has reportedly borne the responsibility of raising the three children he has with Omar. (One source used the term “abandoned” to describe Ilhan’s recent share of the parenting.) Since June 14, Hirsi does not appear to have a reliable source of income.

Meanwhile, Rep. Omar currently draws a $174,000 Congressional salary, and reportedly received a $250,000 book advance in January.

This is a bombshell story. Ilhan Omar can feel the walls closing in on her and is beginning to attempt to cover these scandals up.

Here are the scandals she is battling:

Claim: Omar’s ex-husband wants a divorce
Claim: Omar’s ex-husband confirms Omar married her brother, is being threatened
Dem consultant cheated on wife with Ilhan Omar according to divorce filings
Almost 1/3 of Omar’s re-election funds went to alleged lovers firm
Deleted Tweet shows Ilhan Omar is likely lying about her name

The Media won’t be able to cover this up forever. People are starting to question many of the actions of Ilhan Omar. I’d also like to point out that at some point the Democrats might even begin to attack Omar. Democrat leadership is not happy with the Progressive caucus pushing the party as far to the left as possible.  Will Dem Leaders try to teach her a lesson political by attacking her over these claims?

This is going to break wide open at some point and I can’t wait.

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