Meadows: “Better Than 50-50 Odds” Trump Runs Again…Making All The Necessary Preparations

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Great news!

According to Mark Meadows, former chief of staff for Donald Trump, there is a better than 50-50 chance Trump runs again.

From The Washington Examiner:

Mark Meadows, who was Trump’s chief of staff at the end of his administration, offered some insight into what to expect of his former boss as attention gets turned to 2024 and a potential rematch against President Joe Biden.

“I’m feeling great about President Trump’s willingness to serve once again in the Oval Office,” Meadows said this week on the radio show hosted by Sebastian Gorka, another alumnus of the Trump White House.

Meadows didn’t get into specifics, but he did say Trump is “making all the preparations necessary” for another run, and he’s “being encouraged by his friends and former staffers.”

“Ultimately, what I think you will see is a vision for America that didn’t stop on Nov. 3, didn’t stop on Jan. 20, and we need to reengage,” Meadows said, referring to the dates of the 2020 election and Inauguration Day. “So he’s getting major encouragement, and I would say this: I would put the odds at better than 50-50 that he runs again, and everybody should take note of that.”

With every day that goes by it seems more and more likely Donald Trump is planning to run again in 2024.

Stay tuned.

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