Mark Cuban says Trump Supporters aren’t going to turn on him

In a Fox News interview, Mark Cuban said Trump’s base would never turn on him.

The Washington Examiner:

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban isn’t saying whether he’ll jump into the race for the White House in 2020, but he doesn’t expect President Trump’s supporters to ditch the commander in chief.

“President Trump has a great following and they’re not going to turn on him,” Cuban told Fox News’ “Objectified” in an interview that aired Sunday.

Cuban, who initially supported Trump, said the president lost his backing because he wasn’t educated on the issues plaguing Americans.

“I was really concerned about a candidate becoming president that was not making the effort to learn the issues,” he said.

This makes me believe there is no chance Cuban runs for President in 2020. If he believes that Donald Trump will never lose his base(which is basically more than 90% of Republican voters) then he would have no chance of beating Trump in a primary.

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