Man Who Resigned Over Attendance On Jan 6th Wins School Board Seat

Back in October, Braintree Teacher Matthew Lynch was forced to resign as a teacher for his attendance on Jan 6th.

He was questioned by the FBI and worked at Braintree for 10 years.

Photos from the event circulated which led to him resigning.


From The Patch:

A candidate for Braintree School Committee and former teacher at Braintree High School said he has been visited twice by the FBI since participating in the Jan. 6 rally in support of President Donald Trump that turned violent as some attendees stormed the Capitol.

Matthew Lynch resigned from his teaching position in February. He had been a teacher in the district for about 10 years. In an email exchange with Patch, Lynch confirmed he had been questioned by FBI agents investigating the Jan. 6 riot, which left five people dead and injured at least 138 police officers.

Lynch did not elaborate on the nature of the FBI interviews, and did not respond when asked if he was a target of an FBI investigation. “Good luck with your article…hope you don’t print false information!” Lynch said in response to an email asking if he had received a target letter from the FBI.

It is unclear the extent of Lynch’s involvement in the Jan. 6 rally and if he was among those who breached the Capitol building.

Now, we have this.

Lynch just won a seat on the school board.


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