DeSantis Gets Threatened With A Primary If He Doesn’t Back Audit

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a rising star in the GOP.

He has been at the forefront of taking on the COVID tyranny of the Biden administration.

Throughout the pandemic, he made Florida into a state where Americans could flee the tyranny of Democrat policies.

He is now taking heat, however, for not backing an audit in Florida.

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone threatened to primary him if he does not conduct an audit in Florida.

From Just The News:

DeSantis has been steadfast that Florida is not planning to conduct an audit, despite growing calls from fellow Republicans to do so and GOP legislators in such states as Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin either considering one or amid conducting one.

Trump won Florida with 51.2% of the vote, but some Republicans still insist the results should be reviewed.

“It’s not about margin of victory,” says Florida GOP state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, who sponsored a bill calling for the audit. “The fact is that people want total verification of the election results. They want an independent review of the votes.”

Here is the Gab post:


He also added this:

“I heard governor Ron DeSantis say that Florida had the most honest election in our history in 2020 yet I know for certain there are 1 million phantom voters in the Florida voter rolls. These ‘voters’ simply do not exist,” he said.

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