Macron expresses support for COP24 climate agreement, while Yellow Vest protesters continue to riot

President Emmanuel Macron tweeted in support of the new international carbon regulations agreed upon at the COP24 climate summit, saying that he welcomes the agreement, and that France and Europe must show the way on climate reform.  

Macron’s tweet translated into English by Twitter’s translator:

“I welcome the agreement reached at the COP24 in Katowice. The international community remains committed to the fight against climate change. Congratulations to the UN, to the scientists, to the NGOs and to all the negotiators. France and Europe must show the way. The fight continues.”

The agreement made at COP24 put new rules on the table for countries around the world to track and reduce their carbon emissions, so to reach the goals outlined in the Paris climate pact.

From the BBC:

Delegates believe the new rules will ensure that countries keep their promises to cut carbon.

The Katowice agreement aims to deliver the Paris goals of limiting global temperature rises to well below 2C.

“Putting together the Paris agreement work programme is a big responsibility,” said the chairman of the talks, known as COP24, Michal Kurtyka.

“It has been a long road. We did our best to leave no-one behind.”

The last several weeks have been very damaging to the French public perception of President Macron, as it grows clear that Macron puts the well being of the climate over the well being of his people, in his list of concerns.

The Yellow Vest protesters have taken to the streets for almost a month now, protesting everything to do with Macron’s administration and agenda. The largely blue collar movement demonstrates just how out of touch the European globalist are with the needs and interest of their people, who are being taxed to the breaking point.

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