In an interview with Jay Nordlinger from The National Review, Jed Bush claimed that Americans who want immigration control are scared of a less white country.

Breitbart partial transcript:

Our party is advocating restricting legal immigration as well. And I think that’s foolhardy beyond belief. There’s a way to reform the legal immigration system that would be a catalyst for sustained economic growth and we need it because our demography is going the wrong way. 

There are quite a few people that have a larger megaphone if you will that seem either threatened by what they perceive to be a changing country that is less white perhaps … basically, there’s a concern that we’ve lost our way and immigrants are kind of easy to single out with vitriol. 

There’s examples of cable news shows that talk about an illegal immigrant or a legal immigrant that commits an atrocious crime, murder, family loses their loved one and that seems to get a lot more attention than crime throughout America. 

Could some immigration control advocates feel this way? Sure. However, calling for immigration control doesn’t make you that. As we have covered high immigration levels, whether legal or illegal actually affect African Americans and Hispanics more than whites.

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