Lois Lerner case proves conservatives have no protection in America

According to a letter from Trump’s DOJ Lois Lerner will not be prosecuted for her attacking of conservatives while at the IRS.

The Trump Justice Department has once again cleared former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner of criminal liability stemming from the tea party targeting.

In a letter to top Republicans, Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd said they re-reviewed the case and concluded there isn’t enough evidence to charge Ms. Lerner, who was at the center of the targeting.

Mr. Boyd said the new review included lawyers who only recently joined the department and weren’t part of the Obama administration’s earlier decision.


“After this process, the Department determined that reopening the investigation would not be appropriate based on the available evidence,” Mr. Boyd said.

He said if new information is developed, the decision could be revisited.

This decision did not sit well with Republicans.

Republicans on Capitol Hill called the decision “terrible.”

“It sends the message that the same legal, ethical, and Constitutional standards we all live by do not apply to Washington political appointees — who will now have the green light to target Americans for their political beliefs and mislead investigators without ever being held accountable for their lawlessness,” said House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady.

He said he respects Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but was “troubled” by his department’s handling of the request to investigate Ms. Lerner.

“The decision not to prosecute Lois Lerner is a miscarriage of justice,” said Rep. Peter Roskam, an Illinois Republican who was one of the key lawmakers pushing for an investigation.

Ms. Lerner led the division of the IRS that singled out conservative and tea party groups for intrusive scrutiny in their applications for nonprofit status. 

This is just another case proving that Conservatives have no protection in America. No matter what happens to Conservatives our government turns a blind eye to it and the majority of Americans do as well. Conservatives are targeted in every sense. The mainstream media hates us. The left attacks us and our government fails to stand up for us. When Trump supporters are beaten, nobody comes out to their defense. When someone considered to be right-wing commits a crime it dominates the news cycle. We are called racists, sexist and homophobes. We are told our views make us evil. Our content is censored on google, twitter, facebook, and youtube.

It is time for the people in Washington to start defending the people who got them elected. I am tired of watching as Conservatives are forced into hiding due to fear of the left. President Trump is the only person in Washington who stands up for Conservatives and it is time for the rest of his administration to get on board with that.

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