Lindsey Graham: “Trump Movement Is Alive And Well”…Trump Most Vibrant Member Of The GOP

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Are we now seeing Lindsey Graham 3.0?

During an interview on Fox News, Lindsey Graham not only blasted never-Trumper Nikki Haley but he also said that the MAGA movement is still alive and well.

From Rumble:

Now, I know what many of you may say.

“Lindsey Graham can’t be trusted”

“He is just trying to get votes”

That may very well be correct.

But think deeper.

This means that Lindsey Graham is realizing that Trump is still the most popular force in the Republican Party.

This means that even the establishment understands that Republican voters still back Trump.

So, this is the takeaway.

The Republican Establishment lost. They are about as powerful as they were when Trump was in The White House.

If he announces he will run again then Trump will be the 2024 nominee.

Stay tuned!

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