North Carolina Nurse Live On CNN: Trump’s Coronavirus Response Might Be “Trump’s Greatest Achievement”

Michelle Morrow, a North Carolina nurse blew a huge hole in CNN’s Chinese Coronavirus narrative. She pointed out that how President Trump handled the Chinese Coronaivrus pandemic might be the greatest accomplishment of his presidency.

The points she made live on CNN are correct.

Democrat politicians initially attacked President Trump for banning travel from China.

On February 24th she told Americans to gather in large groups in Chinatown.

Pelosi told Americans to visit Chinatown on Feb 24th amid Chinavirus outbreak

Joe Biden hit President Trump early for barring travel from China:

CNN runs Biden campaign propaganda over China Travel Ban

She then made the point that the Obama-Biden Administration left America unprepared. This is also true.

MSM ADMITS: Feds stockpile of N95 masks was depleted under Obama and were never restocked
USA Today admits Obama Admin depleted N95 mask stockpile
Obama warned of pandemic in 2014 yet left mask stockpile depleted
Trump Calls Out Obama For Depleting National Stockpile

Democrats have stood in the way of President Trump’s efforts to control the Chinese Coronavirus. They have done all they can to make sure that they give him issues on everything he does. They are willing to contradict themselves if it means that they will hurt President Trump.

This is all about the election. They want Trump out. I give a ton of credit to this nurse for speaking truth right on CNN.

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