In a statement to Breitbart News, Kimberly Fletcher dropped a bombshell on radical feminists.


Kimberly Fletcher, president and founder of the organization, told Breitbart News why this is the right time for the movement.

“We are at a critical time in our culture,” Fletcher said. “Our children are under constant assault – from gender confusion to global warming guilt.”

“We are bombarded with messages that tell our boys they are rapists in the making and our girls they will always be victims,” Fletcher said. “White privilege is taught in schools as historic fact, making white kids feel guilty and black kids feel like they’ll never succeed.”

“All these things are pushed on our kids by radical feminists and their cohorts,” Fletcher said.

“From school shootings to transgender bathrooms, feminists are on the wrong side of every issue when it comes to protecting our children and maintaining a free society,” Fletcher said. “Despite what feminists would have us believe, what mothers want most isn’t the right to kill their own offspring, but the opportunity to be with them.”

“Now more than ever we need the influence of good women in America—for our children’s sake and the future our nation,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher said that while the left and feminists are promoting daycare and government schools, mothers hold the key to creating a healthy and prosperous society.

“What children need more than anything isn’t the best tax-payer funded daycare, it’s the love of their mother,” Fletcher said. “Strong family connections create more stable, well-rounded kids who become good husbands, fathers, wives, and mothers and contributing participants in building stronger communities.”

She isn’t wrong. Radical Feminism has done more to hurt women than help them. By creating an environment of division and absolute acceptance they have created a society that is not healthy for a well-functioning society. Current day feminist is being controlled by people who have no interest in women’s rights. They have partnered with Hollywood, Planned Parenthood, and Islam which all have a history of degrading and using women.

Under Trump women, unemployment has seen its second biggest drop since the 1960’s and Trump has appointed more women to Senior level positions in The White House than any past administrations.


One thought on “Kimberly Fletcher: ‘feminists are on the wrong side of every issue’”

  1. The Judeo/Christian West has failed to transmit the nobility, the beauty, the morality, and the humanity of our societies and cultures to our children. This is because a large and growing plurality of Judeo/Christians who do not/will not marry, do not wish to have children and families, and only live for today spending their incomes to travel, drink, party, and keep up with the Hollywood Elites. We older Americans, I am a Viet Nam vet and I recall the pride and love most Americans felt for our noble, humane, and powerful America, now it seems that most young Americans actually despise America, and wish to do their fellow citizens harm. How did we let this happen? Is it possible to reestablish the common moral code which was once shared among most Americans and guided our public behavior? The Soros Left calls for and demands violent repression of opposing viewpoints, and with the help of a treacherous anti American media, and the Trump hating DNC/RINO’s have brought political violence to the streets and campuses of America, that violence will be hard to stop.

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