Keith Olbermann is the poster child for Trump Derangement Syndrome

    Whenever someone asks me what Trump Derangement Syndrome is I say go look at Keith Olbermann. The former ESPN employee now turned Anti-Trump resistance leader is peddling conspiracy theories surrounding Donald Trump that even the leftist Mainstream Media can’t keep up with.

    Here is a nice compilation of Olbermann’s finest tweets since Trump was elected:


    The scariest thing about all of this is that Olbermann isn’t a nobody. Olbermann has over 1 million followers. He provides no facts, he just provides the left with what they want to hear.

    Olbermann is dangerous because he normalizes a few things.

    1. Indictments before proof:

    Look there is no proof that Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia. There is no proof that Trump himself even talked to Russians. That hasn’t stopped Olbermann from calling for his impeachment/overthrow.

    2. The downplaying of our electoral process:

    For someone who claims he is “protecting our Democracy” he surely does a lot to try and ruin it. The American People voted in Donald Trump. Whether the left likes it or not they must deal with it. The idea that Donald Trump should be impeached is actually a bigger threat to our Democracy then the “supposed” Russian influence.

    3. Stopping Trump and his supporters by any means necessary:

    Olbermann has called for foreign governments to overthrow Trump. Olbermann has normalized violence on anyone who supports Trump. He has made the case that we should throw out our way of governing because he disagrees with the choice American’s made.

    There is no bigger threat to our Democracy than the way Keith Olbermann has chosen to respond to our 2016 Presidental Election. He responded not with fact but with baseless allegations. He refused to listen to the concerns of Trump voters and rather consented to the shutting down of their speech. Olbermann is the poster child for Trump-Derangement Syndrome and watching his demise as a political commentator will be a great service to our country.

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